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St Petersburg - Photo Tour

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The Cathedral of the Resurrection, Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg

The Cathedral of the Resurrection, Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg ("Our Saviour-on-the-Spilt-Blood"), one of the most beautiful and famous churches of Russia, built in the memory of the tragic event on 1 March 1881 when terrorists bombed the Tsar, Alexander II - who referred to in Russian history as "Alexander the Liberator" because he freed peasants from the serfdom they had suffered for many centuries, so he actually deserved such treatment less than anybody. It was the 8th attempt of the terrorist organization named "People's Will". One of the members of this organization was Lenin's brother, Alexander Ul'yanov. (The woman on the picture is the wife of one of our family members.)

The Bronze Horseman, Decembrists' Square, St Petersburg

The Bronze Horseman, Decembrists' Square (formerly Senate Square), St Petersburg - memorial to Peter the Great, which had become an unofficial emblem of the city. Peter was the founder of St Petersburg, and it was his wish to move the capital from Moscow to the new city. The words on the stone say "To Peter the First from Ekaterina the Second". Ekaterina II was Peter's daughter. Built in 1733.

Magnificent Great Palace at Petrodvorets, Peterhof, Russia

Magnificent Great Palace at Petrodvorets, Peterhof (a place outside St Petersburg), the abundance of fountains, gold and greenery.


Peterhof - The sculptures at the Palace are gold plated!



Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

Winter Palace, St Petersburg (built by Italian architect Rastrelli) is the residence of Russian Tsars and the Court since the later half of 18th century. It includes the vast Hermitage Museum and is considered one of the best palaces in Europe for its beautiful architecture and interior decor. It is currently one of the world's biggest museums of fine arts.

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