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6. The best remedy if your ego needs a boost

The following week I was like a kid. I almost counted the night's sleep until the weekend before I could fetch the mail on Friday. At that time I was working for a corporate company and was a part of the top management. During the day I was very busy and late afternoons when I returned home I wanted to collect the mail but have kept myself in suspense until the weekend. I was telling myself that it would be more interesting and more exciting to receive all the letters together, than one or two every day. 

The next bunch of letters was about 11. It was the same as the first time: I rushed home and opened them one by one. Again the responses and the women who wrote them amazed me. Again I was shocked. My symptoms were similar to that of an alcoholic having the shakes. I had the shakes with the letters in my hands. Amongst them was another stunning woman. She had much more than I could ever hope for. Her name was Elena. She was in the age group that I was looking for and needless to say, very attractive. Her first letter contained only basic information about her and one photo. And this one photo and the little information about her was enough to impress me!

In total I received more than thirty letters. It was wonderful. Receiving letters from beautiful women that apply to you is actually much more fun than browsing personal ads on the Internet or reading a newspaper. If your ego needs a boost, I would recommend it as a therapeutic remedy. Today if you place your ad, it is possible you will receive more than thirty e-mails in the first day!

My letters were quite diverse. There was one woman from Bulgaria that saw my ad somewhere. I also had a letter from a woman from Ukraine that was asking me for money. She included a photo with her letter, telling me how difficult it was for her to make a decent living. Her aim was not to meet a man. I was feeling really sorry for her, as I was not used to women so openly asking for money. I could have fallen for her story, because she was quite attractive. Afterwards I realized that it was the correct decision that I did not send her money. That is where the most men go wrong in giving women money if she asks or complains about costs of some sort. 

I also received a DHL parcel from a woman that was a medical doctor. She said she sent it by courier because she was worried that I would not receive her letter fast enough. I also received a few letters a year after I placed the advertisement.


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