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3. What is the best way to find a Russian wife?

I learned a lesson early in my life; if you cannot make a decision, leave it for a few days. I used this method to play for extra time with great success in my work. Very often I found a solution after I gave it some thought, but most of the time the answers used to come up naturally. I used the same method in finding a Russian wife.

A few days passed, and the answer came up naturally. I was thinking, if Russian women place ads in newspapers, they must have some success otherwise they would not keep on doing this. If they can place ads, they will surely respond to ads as well. I was thinking, what if I place my own ad and receive responses from women? This could be very exiting. What else can you ask for? You are sitting pretty in your chair, and let the women find you! You don't need to worry if the woman from the picture exists in blood and flesh, or if she will be interested in you. SHE is writing to YOU. To me it was exactly the opposite of what the Internet agencies were offering. Going this way all my unanswered questions would be answered.

I bought the same newspaper where I saw the first ads of Russian women advertising to make contact with men. There was a coupon that could be used for placing your own ad. I filled out the coupon with my details and requirements to women that I would like to respond my ad, and faxed it through to the newspaper. I did not include my e-mail address in the ad. I don't know why, but today I can tell you it was the right decision at that time. The majority of Russian people at that time, 5 years ago, did not have access to the Internet or e-mail. Most people were not even aware that such a thing existed. Today the situation is completely different. Internet is available and well known, but in many instances women do not own computers and have to pay for Internet access. They use Internet cafes, post offices, libraries and universities.

Dating agencies in Russia are making money out of it by asking money from women for sending and receiving letters via e-mail; it is probably the principal source of revenue for Russian agencies.


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Monument to Peter the Great (Peter I) on the bank of the Moscow River, built in 1990's. In fact, Peter had never been a very fond of Moscow; St Petersburg was his child and the love of his life. Since Peter moved the capital to the new founded St Petersburg, the two cities always competed with each other, with one of them being the official capital, and the other being "the second capital". Peter moved the capital to St Petersburg trying to introduce a new, European style of life to Orthodox Russia in the beginning of 18th century, after the revolution of 1917 Lenin moved the capital back to Moscow trying to distance the new Soviet State from the traditions of Russian aristocracy.


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