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My Russian Tour

I'm writing to tell you that I enjoyed reading your entertaining "Tour to Russia" article. I'm fascinated by your experiences, and I'm pleased that you and Elena found each other. Not only does such a story let me know what to expect in Ekaterinburg, your success in finding Elena makes me optimistic about my encounter with Marina.

Anyway, I just want to compliment you on your article and your web site in general. You and Elena make an attractive couple, and it looks like you have a wonderful family. If I am as successful as you are in finding the love of my life in Ekaterinburg, I'll write back to you and give you the details of my experience.

Best Regards,

Chales Rocha
Ellensburg, WA, USA

24. Russian women, Russians and Russian travel: do's and don'ts

Guys, if you are adventurous and enjoy exploring new things, search for a foreign wife is the perfect opportunity. It is a wonderful adventure. My choice was a Russian wife, and the process of finding her was as exciting as its results. Russians are wonderful warm-hearted people. The girls in general are attractive and there are so many to choose from. In Russia girls spend their money on things that make them look good and feel good. Their appearance is the most important thing for them; and boy, they look stunning. They follow the latest fashion trends. It is in to be fashionable in Russia. So you've gotta believe all those pictures that you see on the Internet dating sites. I have seen these women with my own eyes. They do exist.

The proof of the pudding is to choose the right person for the rest of your life. That is not only applicable to us men because women also have the right to choose (although many guys may have a different viewpoint). Russian women will not marry and leave their country because you are available and willing to marry them, or because they only want to escape Russia. This is a common misconception. There is poverty in Russia as in any other country of the world but there are also people who make much more money than an average American. It is true that some women are looking for a better life, but most are only willing to leave their country for the right guy. Many other women in other countries are also looking for a better life. Russian women are not an exception; it is just in human nature to strive for a better life and I don't see anything wrong with it. But better life is not everything to them. If you are in your sixties and you are looking for a girl in her twenties, it is a dream world that you are living in. It is possible that you will find such a girl but the unanswered question is then how long would such a marriage last. I cannot believe that such a marriage can last long. It does not last long anywhere else in the world. Women in Russia in general look very good, much younger than their age. Rather narrow the age gap and get a long lasting successful marriage. Do not live in a dream world and think that Russian women are hard up. It is also not true that they are willing to marry men that are much older then them. She still wants to enjoy life with her husband and it is very doubtful if a man of sixties would like to do what a girl in her early twenties would like to do. Russian women will accept a fairly large age gap (I would say, up to 15-20 years) but not 40 years gap. If you find somebody who is happy with such a gap she is probably not real, please be careful with this individual.

Russian women needs are not different from any other women in the world but their values are different because their family values are different.

  • What does make Russian women different from the rest of the world's women?
  • Most of them are highly educated.
  • Most of them are intelligent
  • They are family oriented, with good family values even that they are educated and intelligent.
  • They are not that career driven, as you will find in the western world. 
  • They are committed to their husbands and their families.
  • Most of them are attractive.
  • Most of the time their appearance is good and they are proud to look good and proud to be women.

I can say that I have made the right choice. Firstly to find the right woman, that likes me, loves me and stands by me through thick and thin. I have the greatest respect for her the way she sticks with me. I trust her and she have never created any doubt in my mind or mistrust. I must also say that I am not a difficult person to live with, but everyone has its ups and downs in life and nobody is perfect in this imperfect world.

Secondly I am glad that I have married a Russian woman because as previously mentioned of her values in life. Her values are more acceptable to me than of any other woman that I was previously involved with.

Many Russian women are looking for western men. There are many reasons for that but probably the most important are:

  • Very often Russian women cannot find the right man in Russia.
  • People in Russia marry early in their lives and if you are a female in your late twenties or early thirties it becomes difficult to find the right guy because most of them are already married.
  • Many Russian women do not like Russian men. If Russian men live in Russia they must behave like other Russian men otherwise they will not have friends and probably will not be successful in Russia. That makes them unacceptable for some Russian women. Men's chauvinism, infidelity and addiction to alcohol are among the most prominent reasons why some Russian women don't like Russian men.
  • For every 100 women in Russia there are about 97 men. In other words three women out of hundred will not find a man and if the population of Russia is 150 million, about 450 000 women will not be able to find a husband in Russia.

Many Russian women are placing ads trying to find the right man in the Western world. These ads vary from ads in newspapers, Internet web sites and catalogues. That does not make them hunters for men; neither do they want to take over the role of men. In fact Russian women are looking for men that will be the man in the house. Russian women are family oriented even though they are well educated. They are confident and intelligent enough to take the bold step to advertise and try to change their lives for the better. Their "better" for them means to become a part of a happy family of their own and not to escape Russia as many guys think.

In general people in Russia are educated. Russia has an education record of nearly hundred percent. In other words there are no uneducated people in the country. It can change in the future of course but currently this is the situation. Therefore you will find many educated women that are looking for men abroad because everyone is educated. In many western countries the attitude of women has changed in the sense that they prefer to compete against men in the business world. In many instances that type of attitude is transferred home resulting in an unbelievable situation at home. Many western men have no desire to compete against his wife and therefore prefer Russian women that are educated and professional but for whom family life and family values are the most important.

Russian women mostly make use of marriage agencies to advertise themselves. They will respond to ads placed by men as well but only if you use the same marriage agencies to place them. The marriage agencies publish men's ads in their catalogues that are sent to female members for free, or on the Internet translated to Russian. A Russian woman will never respond a man's ad if it was not placed in Russian or if the man did not say he was looking for a Russian wife. You also probably would not be writing to a Russian woman who did not say she wanted to find a husband abroad. There are lots of Russian women who would never consider a foreign husband as an option and don't want to leave Russia even though it would mean to stay alone for life. So if a woman decides to look for a foreign husband she will look at the places where men look for foreign wives, i.e. through the foreign ads in Russian newspapers or on the sites of marriage agencies.

So it is practically impossible that a Russian woman would respond to your ad placed somewhere else, for example on the personals site that is not Russian-oriented and where anyone can place a free ad. I would advise to stay away from such sites if you look for a Russian wife. As in any industry there are people that will misuse the system. These types of absurdities mostly happen on large personals sites where anyone is invited to place a free ad. This is where you will find women that will at one stage ask you for money for some sort of costs. One piece of good advice is to never send money to any woman if you have not met her in person before - even if you trust her. Rather use well established Russian-oriented sites to buy addresses of women or subscribe to catalogues, or place your own ad through the same agencies. There is a list of recommended web sites for all types of services on the Russian Travel Links page. If you think you know a good site that offers reliable and effective service and which is not on the list, please drop me a line.

Regarding the tours with socials, I have a high regard about them even though I have never utilized such a service. I think it can be experience of a lifetime. After seeing all those beautiful women in Russia, and knowing how wonderful it feels when somebody sweet treats you nicely, in Russian women's way, I can imagine how it could feel when there are hundreds beautiful women around you and they all treat you nicely and glad to see you and talk to you. I have talked to guys who attended tours with socials and they all agreed that it was an unforgettable experience. The tours also have a cultural program such as excursions and visiting places of interest and cultural events (I would love to see a performance in Bolshoy!), and the company arranging the tour will be able to help you with a personal translator or any other things that you need. If you have not been in Russia before, a romance tour that is arranged by a reliable marriage agency could be the most suitable option for you. I know you would enjoy it immensely. 

But in any case it is a good idea to first start corresponding with Russian women. If you decide later to go on a tour, you will be able to make arrangements to meet the women you were corresponding with, and it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. I was thinking many times what I would do if Elena and I did not get along. I would have to start all over, and I would spend lots of money and time for nothing. I realize now I was very lucky.

This is the end of my story about my tour to Russia. Thank you for reading, and I will be glad to receive your feedback, and to find out if my story was of any help. I will be also glad to answer your questions if you have some.

Best luck in your quest,


P.S. If you are wondering, where to start... Start here. This site offers you all facilities to find a woman of your dreams - up-to-date profiles and romantic tours. The site's name is A Foreign Affair... and they do look like models! But they are also real, and AVAILABLE!

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