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2. Why I decided to look for a Russian woman

Why Russian women? I must admit that I had very basic knowledge of Russian culture at the time I conducted my research. I thought I knew quite a lot about Russian history, but later discovered it was not really much. The most important point for me was that the woman I was looking for should be Caucasian. This was my focal point. If you do some research you will soon discover that the majority of available foreign Caucasian women are Russian. This is why I made my choice in favor of Russian woman.

I was very excited about my decision to look for a Russian bride. It was after the cold war; Perestroika has changed the face of Eastern Europe forever and opened an opportunity to foreigners to discover the unknown. I searched for more information on Russia, Russian culture, and generally anything Russian related, to enrich myself. That had made me even more involved into Russian women, and I did not even consider any other women. (I will tell you later about real and important differences in culture that I personally encountered.)

In my first search on the Internet, I could not believe in what I was seeing, all these beautiful women, and they all were looking for men. I kept saying to myself, this couldn't be true. Something must be wrong. There must be a catch. I was wondering about the websites that were selling these addresses, showing all these pictures of all these beautiful women. Then after paying for the address, you will receive it, but you will never be able to make contact with any of these women because she does not exist, or will receive a negative response from her, such as that she is not available any more.

Many days and nights after I saw the advertisements in the newspaper and on the Internet, I was pondering with the idea to make contact with Russian women. I could not make up my mind, which way would be the best. I was tempted to buy addresses on the Internet. The reasons being, because you see women's pictures, you start dreaming about them and there are some details about them on the website as well. This way you know who you are writing to - or so you think - but still have the worrying factor that you will never be able to make a real contact with her. The saying, "it is as easy as buying a horse" surely was not applicable in this case. 

I also came across a website that was offering tours to Russia. They promised I would meet - in person! - hundreds available women that were seeking foreign men. This was also tempting. (I never went on any of these tours, but today, after a few years, I can give you some good advice on "romantic tours" with socials. I'll discuss it later and will tell you from my knowledge which companies are the best.) Well, this was way too much for me - I did not need hundreds women, only one, but the right one… It calmed down my worries though, and I started to get used to the idea that all those beautiful, educated women did exist.


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Red Square, Moscow, Russia
The famous Red Square in Moscow is not red at all! "Red" in Russian language was initially used as an equivalent of "beautiful", so the Red Square would also mean "a beautiful square".

Spasskaya Tower; Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Spasskaya Tower; Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow. The clock on the Spasskaya Tower is called "The Main Clock of the country", and is the standard of time in Russia.

Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
The opposite side of the Kremlin if facing the Moscow River. There are a few cathedrals on the territory of Kremlin; you can see its gold plated roofs on the picture.



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