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14. Flying with Aeroflot

As we were walking to the plane I heard someone was talking very loudly and screaming. As I looked back, I saw this Russian guy in his early twenties, walking towards the plane, but as drunk as a lord. I was amazed that he was allowed to board the plane. Before the Aeroflot plane took off he was fast asleep or passed out.

This was my first flight with Aeroflot airlines. For me it was a huge contrast, from the old airport building into the very neat sophisticated plane. Not that I expected a plane that was falling apart but still, it was quite a difference. 

The airhostesses did not have a problem to speak English to me; it was broken English but I appreciated it very much. The service on the plane was of high standard that you would receive from any other airline.


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Ekaterinburg, Russia
Ekaterinburg, third biggest city in Russia: city view

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