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My Russian Tour

I enjoyed your pages on, as I also have been to Russia 2 times. The country is very well described and the story is very well written!

Andrea Wesselenyi
freelance journalist, web marketer
based in Budapest, Hungary
Owner and editor of


  1. What selling a car has in common with finding a wife

  2. Why I decided to look for a Russian woman
  3. What is the best way to find a Russian wife?
  4. First letters from Russian women that swept me off my feet
  5. You've got mail: now what do you do with it?
  6. The best remedy if your ego needs a boost
  7. The tough decision of choosing between two stunning women
  8. How much time it takes to develop a relationship
  9. Finally, I've got to visit Russia!
  10. How to plan your Russian tour: the pitfalls of logistics
  11. My arrival in Russia: immigration, customs and Russian Mafia
  12. Moscow the magnificent
  13. Why it's easier in Russia to drive 10 miles than make a phone call
  14. Flying with Aeroflot
  15. My first hours at Ekaterinburg: no one speaks English!
  16. Elena... The moment of truth had arrived after a year
  17. Russian restaurants and Russian food
  18. My Russian casualties
  19. Meeting the parents
  20. Ekaterinburg: going out, entertainment and sights
  21. What is Russian "dacha" and Russian sauna
  22. Ekaterinburg's most famous sights
  23. My last morning in Ekaterinburg, and some interesting insight into the souls of Russian traffic officers
  24. Russian women, Russians and Russian travel: do's and don'ts

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KGB on Lubyanka Square in Moscow, Russia
One of the most scariest places in the world - KGB on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. By the way, since late 1980's KGB (Committee of the State Safety) had changed its name to FSB (Federal Service of Safety), so you don't have to be afraid of getting locked by KGB anymore! I consider Moscow as a safe place to travel, and FSB is hardly interested in foreign tourists.

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