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Moscow - Photo Tour
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"The point", Moscow, Russia 

"The point", Moscow, close the Red Square - this is the starting point of Russia. All distances are measured from this point.

Monument to Peter the Great on the Moscow-River, Moscow, Russia

Monument to Peter the Great (Peter I) on the bank of the Moscow River, built in 1990's. In fact, Peter had never been a very fond of Moscow; St Petersburg was his child and the love of his life. Since Peter moved the capital to the new founded St Petersburg, the two cities always competed with each other, with one of them being the official capital, and the other being "the second capital". Peter moved the capital to St Petersburg trying to introduce a new, European style of life to Orthodox Russia in the beginning of 18th century, after the revolution of 1917 Lenin moved the capital back to Moscow trying to distance the new Soviet State from the traditions of Russian aristocracy.



Moscow University on Lenin's Hills, Moscow, Russia

Moscow University on Lenin's Hills - the tallest building in Moscow (since  fire destroyed Ostankino's TV tower in 1999)

Moscow, Russia

Moscow: city center 

Street musicians, Moscow, Russia

Street musicians at the underground street crossing close to the Red Square: I was told, they are usually students of Conservatory or musical college. They were playing very enjoyable music!

KGB, Moscow, Russia

One of the most scariest places in the world - KGB on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. By the way, since late 1980's KGB (Committee of the State Safety) had changed its name to FSB (Federal Service of Safety), so you don't have to be afraid of getting locked by KGB anymore! I consider Moscow as a safe place to travel, and FSB is hardly interested in foreign tourists.

Airport Sheremetevo, terminal 2 (international) Moscow, Russia

Airport Sheremetevo, terminal 2 (international) Moscow

Airport Sheremetevo, terminal 2 (international) Moscow, Russia 

Sheremetevo 2 was built in the early 1970's, during the times of the cold war. It is by far too small for today's busy international life. I hope they will build a new international airport soon! Most other things in Moscow impressed me a lot.

Enjoy your flight!

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