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Moscow - Photo Tour
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St Basilius, Moscow, Russia

St Basilius, Moscow (1555-1561) - this impressive church on the Red Square became the visit card of Russia. The correct name in translation from Russian is "The Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God". Architects Barma and Postnik.

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

The famous Red Square in Moscow is not red at all! "Red" in Russian language was initially used as an equivalent of "beautiful", so the Red Square would also mean "a beautiful square".

Spasskaya Tower, Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow

Spasskaya Tower; Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow. The clock on the Spasskaya Tower is called "The Main Clock of the country", and is the standard of time in Russia.

St Basilus Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower, Moscow, Russia

St Basilus Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower; view from the hotel "Rossia" in Moscow


Mausoleum of Lenin on the Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Mausoleum of Lenin on the Red Square, Moscow. The body of "The First Bolshevik", the leader of October takeover of 1917 and the founder of the USSR, Vladimir Ul'yanov (conspiracy nickname "Lenin") was embalmed after his death, and placed in specially built (1929-30) Mausoleum for public access. During the Soviet times the queues to have a look at the mummy used to reach 5-6 km (3-3.5 miles). Today the public access is denied, and rumors have it that the body was removed from Mausoleum. Another famous Mausoleum is in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is built to memorize yet another famous communist, Ho Chi Minh.  

Kremlin if facing the Moscow River, Moscow, Russia

The opposite side of the Kremlin if facing the Moscow River. There are a few cathedrals on the territory of Kremlin; you can see its gold plated roofs on the picture.

Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Kremlin: sunset on the Moscow River

Church at the hotel "Rossia", Moscow, Russia

Church at the hotel "Rossia", Moscow, Russia - I took this picture from my room window. At that time it was still in the process of renovation.

Church close to hotel Rossia, Moscow, Russia

During the Soviet times churches (the ones that had not been destroyed) were painted in pale colors to make them "invisible" - now they paint them bright colors. This church (also at the hotel "Rossia") is half-renovated: can you see the difference?  

Cathedral of the Mother of God's Kazan Icon, Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Yet another Moscow church - the Cathedral of the Mother of God's Kazan Icon (1626-1636) on the Red Square. Reconstructed in 1993.

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