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Wow, what a culture shock !

Hello, I just returned from my trip to Russia with success!  I traveled to Rostov in the southern area of Russia from July 1 to July 12.  I went to visit a beautiful young lady from the area.  We had written over 65 emails by the time I had decided to make the journey.  Wow, what a culture shock!  Not just about Russia vs. America, but also because Rostov is a very big, industrial, and not very pretty city with many, many problems.  Not just that, but I met maybe two, three people there that could speak English.  Certainly not a tourist attraction, like maybe St. Petersburg or Moscow. 

I arrived in the afternoon on July 1, touching down at Rostov 'International Airport'.  It looked like perhaps the oldest, most run down airport imaginable. My lady was waiting for me there (somewhere) and I was getting nervous. So I wait for almost an hour for my turn at the border guard station.  I was a bit worried, especially because they spoke no English at all, and my Russian skills were very lacking.  Many hard looks and unanswered questions later, the guard just gave up, stamped my passport, and let me through.  What a relief.  At customs, they were tearing everyone apart.  But when they saw my passport, strangely enough, they just let me go!  I turned the corner, and there she was waiting for me at the end of the hall, looking even more beautiful than any picture she had ever sent me.  A big smile on her face, and a rose (for me!) in her hand. 


A few long kisses and hugs later, we were on our way in a taxi where I had booked my room.  We checked in, went our separate ways to our separate rooms (but just for the first night), and I unpacked and took a much-needed shower. I dressed and waited for her to return from her room...and waited, and waited.  Finally, curiosity got the best of me, and I ventured out into the hallway and knocked on her door.  She opened it, looking freshened and beautiful.  We went to our first of many interesting dinners and made small talk. 

Remember, I spoke only a small amount of Russian, and she spoke only a little more English. But we did ok.  In fact, my Russian and her English progressed very nicely during those great twelve days until we had very little communication barrier.  But the cultural barrier was something else I needed to work over with her!  For those of you who have never traveled to meet a Russian lady, forget almost everything you think you know.  They are so different than almost any woman you have ever met.  So feminine, womanly, but strong, determined, at times strong willed.  But oh so wonderful!  I truly have never seen more beautiful, sexy, elegant women in my entire life and I have traveled to Western Europe, Latin America, and a good portion of the USA.  They dress so great, take such good care of their makeup, hair, bodies.  It all produces excellent results.  But lest you think I only fell in love with my girl's looks, that would be far from the truth. Remember, we talked and wrote each other for over three solid months even before I saw her in person.  She is a wonderful, smart, very funny, down to earth, kind woman.  I cannot speak for all Russian women, of course, but if you are even thinking of traveling to Russia for a potential long term relationship, DO IT!!  You will be so glad you did. You will be amazed at what you will see, the Russian hospitality, some of the very different cultural differences, the whole package... Did I mention the women in Russia!!  Just kidding. 

Visa application 

I will be sending a check to Holmes and Lolly, the very professional immigration attorneys by the end of this week to get the visa process started.  They tell me of the difficult, long road ahead of me.  Perhaps maybe six, seven months, but I am undeterred.  I have found the love of my life and I will do anything to have her here with me in the U.S. 

Now, for all you guys out there that are writing girls in Russia (or Ukraine, etc.) and are pretty sure you are compatible with one, call your travel agent today!  I heard a statistic that maybe 4-5% of all men that write ever make the trip.  I know I made a huge impression on my lady by 'saddling up' and getting my butt over there and you will to.  

Good luck to all of us! 

Sincerely, Jeff McDaniel 

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Jeff and Nina

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