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Thomas Higgins: "The woman of my dreams"

I recently returned from Russia on my trip to meet the lady that turned  out to be my dream. 

I started my whole adventure as just a vacation over a year ago. During the search for places to visit and things to do I came across many articles about the women, and then decided to look into it. I purchased the Anti-scam guide and continued from there. I used Elena's service to get things started for me. I, like you, went through many letters from ladies until that special one appeared. Her name is Anna. I then decided after months of correspondence that her region is where I would go. (Anna is a woman from a small village near Barnaul Russia that was disinterested in locals. She decided to track to the city to search on the Internet because of stories she had heard. She initiated contact with  me). 

Anna helped me to set up the entire trip. She spoke almost no English at the time and decided that an interpreter was in order. I also hired a driver for us to get around. All things worked in my favor as cost was reasonable.  

I found the people in Russia to be very kind and giving. No request went unanswered. 


Strangely much of my story parallels yours. I met the entire family on my first day there and was strongly requested to join them in the Russian bath. What an experience that was! After approval of the family,  we continued on with a vacation for the both of us. We went to the beautiful Altai Mountains and enjoyed time there. We then returned to Barnaul and for the rest of my time there was shown the most exquisite time sight seeing and just visiting the city. The open air markets are simply amazing. 


I asked my driver and interpreter about a fine restaurant to take Anna to. They informed me of a brand new restaurant named "Polzunov" that was a very high class place. I am the first American ever to visit there. Needless to say they attended to us beyond the call of duty. If anyone  should ever visit the place you will see in there signature book my name and comments, as they are having all the people that visit do this for now. This restaurant, for some reason expects English speaking people as they even have a menu translated into English. The waiter was very proper and at the same time curious. He asked me if I was willing to talk  to him and we had quite an interesting conversation about America.

Yes, he spoke English. (I found that many in Russia can speak at least limited English) He even went to the extent of helping to interpret for us,  because with a romantic dinner I did not want the interpreter present. After finding out that we had decided upon engagement, the restaurant chose to give us a gift of one of their better desserts. 

I found many such experiences in Russia of the people being giving like this. Maybe it had something to do with me being a foreigner, I don't know. All I know is that my trip was the most memorable experience of my life. I could go on forever with details. I had a great time and found the woman of my dreams. Coming from a small village, she is very simple in style and her life is not at all complicated. She is very straight forward and honest. I did notice a difference in the people of the village and those of the large cities, but all there are fine people. 

All that is left now is to do the paperwork and bring her here to finalize all. I am grateful to you and all the others who put out the information about this subject. My future is a result of all this. Without the Internet, I may have never found this avenue. To all who take this may I make a suggestion. If you decide to go to Russia and wish to learn the language, Find someone that speaks Russian as I found that books and other tutorials are incorrect. You will find that the people do not speak anything like most of the teaching methods describe. 

Also, some of the things you will find in Russia may seem to be caught in the 1870's, but accept it with an open mind as that is the way of there culture. Many factors beyond there control help to hold them like this, but they are very tolerant and do not complain. If only other places in the world could be as I experienced!!!! 


If Barnaul is destination and you need an interpreter, try to find a man  named-Vadim Kuznetsor. E-mail is He is a very personable man and helps more than required. I ended up becoming friends with this man and remain so via the internet. The Russian people left a life long lasting impression of good upon me and i will in the future return just to enjoy the country and people again. 

If the lady of choice does not speak English and it appears as though it will work then I would recommend that one purchase the English for Russians instruction by Pimsleur when traveling to Russia. It cost $300, but it is worth it. Anna has already shown improvement in 2 weeks time. 

Thomas Higgins

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Thomas and Anna

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