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Johan Hodde: "From that first day, we fell in love with each other, more than we ever dreamed off"

The first meeting at the airport... Fabulous... 

I live in the Netherlands (Holland), I am 52 years old (young) and have read your story many times. Last year (Feb. 2002) I met my girlfriend, (her name is Tannia) on the internet ( She lives in Ekaterinburg and is the same age as me. We started talking to each other and soon I found out, that everything you wrote was true.

The values that Tannia carries with her, are the way you described. We began to like each other and we decided to meet. That was not an easy task. I was unemployed, due to a bad economic situation in the world.
So, I had to start my own company. This took a little while and we could not make any preparations for a meeting. But times go by and at the end of the year, things went well. Just before Christmas she wanted to come to Holland. So, we arranged everything. I send her an official invitation and bought her the airplane tickets. It was a very exciting experience for both of us. 

The first meeting at the airport... Fabulous... Both of us were very nervous... I could feel her fear... and admired her taking such a big step.
From that first day, we fell in love with each other, more then we ever dreamed off. We were made for each other and we both felt like we had known each other all our lives.

A small gift turns into something very special 

Russian women are different. Not like western women, she gives love with all her heart. A small gift turns into something very special. We had a wonderful time together. The second day was Christmas day and it was the best of my life. We went to a dutch-amusementpark (Efteling). It was like Disneyland. We all dressed up in winter style. The whole park was a winter-wonderland. One moment, I saw people looking at us... I think, they could see that we were in heaven. 

We both hadn't been in a church for the past ten years, but that Christmas we visited the one in my village and prayed together. Picking up the peaces of our lives and making a new start, a better future. She had to go back after 15 days. We both had our work and responsibility's.
Now we had to face the biggest challenge of our lives... how to get her into Holland. 

The Dutch government has one of the most difficult policy's in the world about immigration. Especially when you have just started your own company. Lots of people have left the country for this reason. Tannia and I like it here very much. We have a nice house in a nice small village and a good business. So, what we are trying to do is fight the government and hope for the best. And if this will take to long, we can live in Belgium (just 10 miles away). They have less demands. Because of your story, it gave me confidence to bring Tannia to Holland. And it is worth more then anything in the world. 

Thanks for your story, it really helped. I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world and may God be with you.

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Send your story about travel to Russia


 Jim and Irina
Johan and Tannia

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