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John and Irina: "Would you like to write to a Russian girl?"

Hello my name Is John, also I sort of stumbled on to your website, while looking up some Russian information, which seems to be a new pastime for myself, explanation to follow. 

I moved from Seattle to Montana, April of 1999. When I began my first winter, out of boredom I purchased a web-TV unit and went on line. I found the, joined, and was writing to a few local women, and national, when I received a couple of lines from a gal in Ekaterinburg, Russia. "Would you like to write to a Russian girl?" I was dumb founded, not being a world traveller by any means, I wasn't, sure how to respond. 

Responses from Ukraine, South Africa and South America

About the same time I began getting response to my add from other women, Ukraine, South Africa, South America. After I began exchanging email with Irina in Ekaterinburg, I began an admiration for this girl, who never complained, never ask for anything (money included). And spoke proudly of her city, her family and friends. Her honesty and sincerity was obvious. We began to talk by phone. We both desired the same from our lives. She had never married at 43, I had been divorced once 23 years ago. All the time I was communicating with Irina, I was also reading volumes of material about Russian culture, Family, Work ect. ect. I sent her money to take English Lessons. She could write and read the language, but little practice speaking. At the same time, I found a Russian English teacher at the local university and began taking Russian. Needless to say, our phone conversations improved greatly. 

My trust and intuition said go visit. I arranged everything, flew her to Moscow, from Ekaterinburg to meet me. It worked out perfectly, I stayed in Ekaterinburg for 2 weeks. 

Welcomed with very open arms

I was welcomed to Ekaterinburg with very open arms, Irina and her friends had taken extra measures to assure me a place to stay, and activities to partake in. I had a very odd feeling that I had known these women all my life. I felt comfortable, safe and secure my entire time in Ekaterinburg. 

We have about two more months of waiting for her Fiancée Visa, If everything goes well. I am including a photo of Irina and I at the Europe-Asia monument. 

Your pictures of Ekaterinburg were familiar scenes. I could go on and write a book about my adventure, But this shall be enough. 


A word of advice to others attempting to find and marry a Russian wife. 

1. Be impeccably honest 

2. Learn a bit of Russian 

3. Research Russian women, the culture.


John R Mott 

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John and Irina at the Europe Asia monument

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