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Home | My Russian Tour | Travel Tips | Links | 1st Class Services | Life Stories | Add URL | Contact | Feedback | Russian Girls  is not a personal page, neither it's a traditional travel guide - it is a personalized guide reflecting my individual experience of visiting Russia. I designed it to help western travellers to avoid usual clichés about Russia and Russian people, and to share my knowledge of small little things that can make a big difference to your trip.

As many of us do, I too wondered what kind of accommodation, food and transportation one would find in Russia; hopefully my story will help to eliminate your doubts.

On my Russian tour I found the Love of My Life, and I would be interested in publishing stories of other people and their experiences of visiting Russia (not necessarily connected with matrimonial). I would be also happy to answer your questions!

Click here to read about me, or send comments.

Welcome, and enjoy!

St Basilius, Red Square (Moscow, Russia)
St Basilius, Moscow (1555-1561) - this impressive church on the Red Square became the visit card of Russia


Feedback to Russian Travel

I just read the entire story with a huge smile on my face. As one who has spent considerable time browsing Russian Brides sites, I now know that there can actually be a "happy ending" possible. I am planning a trip to Moscow in May of this year, and found your travel tips invaluable. 

If there is any information, or any other sites I need to see, please let me know. Great site! Great story! I'm very happy for you. May the same thing happen to me.


I have been searching the web for a while and I have found your Russian travel website excellent. The personal account of your quest for a partner is just what I needed to hear. I too have doubts about how the process works and I have committed money to the process.

You have answered enough of my questions to keep me on the right path and trust in the decisions I need to make in the future. 

Kind Regards,
Gavin (Australia)


Thank you for sharing your story and insight. My situation is a little different, which you may find interesting. 

I met an amazing Russian girl while travelling in Singapore. She had lived there for a couple of years and was about to return home. I will be meeting her again in a few weeks in Moscow. 

Thank you again for your web site. It provided some interesting insight. 


Having found your site and reading about your experiences, I am now convinced I am travelling down the right path to meet the woman of my dreams. I will soon be retiring from the military. Having dedicated those years to defending my country I have not had the time necessary to spend on a lasting relationship with a significant other in the hopes of building a long lasting relationship. 

Your Russian travel story was of great help in answering some of the questions I have recently bee contemplating in my quest for an exotic and unique "life partner". Soon I hope I will have a fascinating and interesting story of my own to tell of my newly found love. 


Hello, John.

I hope to meet my girlfriend this year. May be she has to come to Holland. (family matter). She comes from the same city as your wife. Ekaterinburg. Same age as me, 52 years young. Your story was like several other stories, very helpful in understanding the Russian way of life. Me, raised as a guy with old values, can not find the right women in Holland. (modern way of life). 

So I started to look at the internet and placed my ad, with a photograph. I had a reply the next day. She (Tannia) was the first and said from the first moment, "You are the man I am looking for all my life". Had many response from other women afterwards, but she is my number one. Within two weeks we have met at the internet, she bought a computer, to communicate with me. Now i only talk with her. The first shot was the right one, unbelievable. Hope it will work out as good as you did. This story was very helpful, thank you. Best wishes for you and your family, 

Johan, The Netherlands (Holland)


Thank you for your Russian travel web-site. It was very informative and I really enjoyed your love story. I may have a fairy tale of my own to tell very soon! 

I recently travelled to Russia, was in Ekaterinburg, Russia for 10 days. I love a girl named Marina that lives in Pervouralsk, Russia, a little town to the west of Ekaterinburg. I have met her mother, have all the necessary information, and the attorney to file for a fiancé visa for Marina to bring her to Seattle, Washington to be married.

Best regards,

Hi John, 

My name is Nelda and I am from Indonesia, but now I work in Norway. It is really great to read your story, I did this tonight and it was really fun, that is why I decided to write something for you about this:) Your story is indeed really interesting, thank you. Yes, I heard so many stories about Russian girls, and I agree to some things that you have written in your website. I have always wanted to be able to travel to Russia, and I hope this summer I will realize this dream:) and now I am still waiting for the invitation letter from my friend in Russia. Of course it must be great if I could write what I experience during my stay there to you:) thank you for your attention.

best regards,


After visiting your Russian travel website, I wanted to commend you for a job well done. Your story was extremely well written and illustrated, and I thank you for the time you’ve invested and the courage you have shown in sharing it with us. 

A brief question: It seems you took a route less travelled in finding a Russian wife by placing an advertisement in a newspaper published in Russia. It’s a strategy that makes sense to me, as it ensures all of the responses you receive are from women genuinely interested in a relationship. Could you tell me what newspaper you used? Did you use one newspaper or more than one? My guess is the Moscow or St. Petersburg Times, but I wanted to hear your strategy directly before I moved forward. 

Again, thank you for all of your efforts and best wishes to you and your lovely wife. 

Chicago, IL

I am very pleased to have found your Russian travel website, and the web site of your lovely wife, Elena's 'Russian Brides Cyber Guide'. I will be sending a note to her about how helpful to me her vastly informative site has been. As for your Russian travel report, I envy you the wonderful time you have described for us (the readers), and I hope that you and the lovely Elena have continued marital bliss, and good fortune (your children are beautiful!). I believe that your family life has made you what I would refer to, as 'a rich man', because a good family life is the way a person can truly measure their wealth. 

I myself have had an amazing stroke of good fortune in my life recently, after a despairingly difficult time during the several preceding years. I will be travelling to Moscow shortly (May 2002 I hope) to capitalize on this turn of events. I am a Canadian, living in Vancouver. In early February of this year (2002), I received a note through the internet, on a personals site, from a lovely Russian woman. This has quickly led to a serious meeting of the minds, and a meeting of spirits as well. It is our (mine & Irina's) intention to be married in Moscow, when I take my visit there, shortly. I have never considered, until now, having a foreign girlfriend, or wife. I was married until mid 2001, but My wife had been ill for some time, and I am now a widower. My age is 50, and my Russian lady's age is 42. For me, this is an excellent match. I have had a very similar experience with her to yours with Elena, in that we have discovered, through MANY telephone calls, internet video conferences, and quite a few emails per day, for the past two months, that we are well suited for each other, and we are looking for the same things from life. She also is widowed. My hope is that when I arrive in Moscow, our blooming relationship will turn into the fulfilment of this desire we both have for a happy married life. 

I will say that if I was going to use a service in a search for a Russian wife, I would choose the service that your wife operates. Her web site has been very informative, and helpful. Your story has also been a great inspiration for me. I knew nothing about this entire endeavor I am now undertaking, just two short months ago. I have definitely learned a lot, since I was first contacted by my Russian lady. 

If you have any helpful advice for me, please let me know as soon as it is convenient for you to do so, as I intend to leave for Moscow in May. 

I will be happy to post a my Russian travel trip report, as soon as I return. Even though it seems naive to believe this is actually happening to me, I do expect my trip to be successful. Perhaps my Trip Report, if I win my lady's hand, will prove to be of some interest to those of us who are not quite as young as we used to be. I often laugh at myself about this whole adventure, and I tell Irina about my laughter, and the serious side of this is then somewhat easier to take. As I'm sure you know, if a person has a good perspective on things, and has a good sense of humour, everything in life is a bit easier. 

The one thing I would ask, is that if there is something that jumps out at you, concerning a Canadian, travelling to Moscow, with the intent to marry there, please do let me know, as I am still learning how this all works. Thank you again, and I will let you know how it all works out. 

John R.


Currently, I've been writing to a Russian woman in Ekaterinburg named Marina since early January. Just as you felt about Elena, I feel that Marina and I are made for each other. I'll be flying to Ekaterinburg to meet Marina at the end of April. 

I'm writing to tell you that I enjoyed reading your entertaining "Travel to Russia" article. I'm fascinated by your experiences, and I'm pleased that you and Elena found each other. Not only does such a story let me know what to expect in Ekaterinburg, your success in finding Elena makes me optimistic about my encounter with Marina. 

Anyway, I just want to compliment you on your article and your web site in general. You and Elena make an attractive couple, and it looks like you have a wonderful family. If I am as successful as you are in finding the love of my life in Ekaterinburg, I'll write back to you and give you the details of my experience. 

Best Regards,
Charles, Ellensburg 

First of all I would just like to say how good your Russian Travel website is for people wanting to find Russian ladies or for those with previous experience. A well structured site with useful information for all. 



Having been to The Russian Federation twice now (and planning another trip hopefully in September), I found your comments interesting to say the least. The first time I was there was the year before last and I was fortunate to be able to spend several months there. Experiencing first hand the Russian woman was something all men are hoping for one day. Most are so beautiful and slender they take your breath away. I remember making a comment to the Minister of Health one day (attempting to pay complements to Russian women in general) stating that "Most Russian women are so beautiful, tall and thin." His reply to me was "That's because they are starving to death!" Needless to say, I wanted to find a hole and crawl into it!




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